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Refreshingly Natural

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Refershingly Natural

We are Hayloft Gardens, a family-run business from deep in the heart of Texas. Our focus is to create refreshingly natural products that improve your quality of life. We give much thanks William, Victoria, and Racheal for helping us see our potential as a business. We started by selling fresh and dried herbs along with a few vegetables at the Castroville Farmer's Market September of 2015. We now manufacture products from all parts of the herbs and a few other natural ingredients. We are always working on new products and recipes to help other families learn how to use fresh products.

We combine dried herbs, essential oils and other natural products, to make cosmetic items including moisturizers, lip balm, bath salts, sugar scrubs, deodorants and toothpaste. For focus or relaxation, we offer herb-scented pillows that can be used cold or hot. Dried herbs are combined to make seasoning blends as well as tea blends.

Our herbs are grown in house, many from seed, to ensure quality in our plants live and dried. All herbs are air dried for about a week before being hand weighted and packaged for your use. We specialize in different types of mint, basil, and stevia. We also supply oregano, thyme, parsley, and society garlic just to name a few. During the season, we also offer tomatoes, squash, and peppers.

All cosmetic items are our own recipes. Each one has been modified and tweaked to perfection before we offer it as a permanent item. We get many of our new idea from friends, customers, and coworkers who ask us “if” we can make a certain product. Sometimes those products work. Sometimes they take months to get just right. Sometimes they become our best product. We have learned a lot about perseverance and patience. We appreciate all the support, feedback, and encouragement we have gotten over the years. Many thanks.

Check back often for new products or new ideas.

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